Ice cream shoppe

Hop on board the ice cream express!

Of all the great pairs in American history -- Ginger Rogers & Fred Astaire; Tom & Jerry; Ozzie & Harriet -- none match the Trolley Car Diner & the Trolley Car Ice Cream Shoppe... a show-stopping combination of fun and flavor!

Cruising along Germantown Avenue, you can't possibly miss the Trolley Car Ice Cream Shoppe. Operating out of a magnificent, fully restored 1948 PCC trolley car, the Shoppe offers hungry patrons a gigantic selection of ice cream, water ice, soft-serve ice cream, sundaes, shakes, gelatis, and more.

Choose from 16 delicious flavors of locally produced Nelson's ice cream, six flavors of homemade water ice, and three flavors of real soft serve ice cream. And if you fancy something to warm you up, there's a smorgasbord of $1 treats available, including mouth-watering hot dogs and hot pretzels.

Read more about Nelson’s Ice Cream, produced in Royersford, Pennsylvania – click here.